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ARTICLES: Weaving Tips for Beginners Which Might Be Helpful

Zielinski on Selvedges

One of the toughest things to get right when you are a beginner is the selvedge. You want it even, straight, without loops or dips. This advice by a master weaver might help.

Alternative to Lease Sticks

Lease sticks are a bear for a lot of beginners -- ask me how I know! From either the front or the back, they are miserable things to tame. Here's an idea that might just help!

Poor Weavers DIY Temple

Very cheap temple! Either for poor weavers OR if you weave narrow projects.

The Best Modern Weaving Book . . .

Mastering Weave Structures by Sharon Alderman.

It is an expensive book, so not to be invested in if you are not hopelessly passionate about weaving. If you are it will not only educate you extremely well, but it will also explode your mind.

Replacing String Heddles with texsolv on a 4-Shaft Ullman loom

Detailed article on replacing nasty string heddles with texsolv on a direct tie-up, 4-shaft Ullman loom. It's a bit of a tricky chore, but done carefully, and slowly it goes smoothly. Goes much better with a helper. The instructions are in a pdf file, because that's quicker than making a web page and I want to spend time weaving, not coding!

Ullman Loom Images

When I got my Ullman, it was folded flat and I'd never seen a loom of any kind before. So of course I looked for help on the web. Nothing. I struggled and looked at pictures of other jack looms and managed to get it up and functioning. I am puting this page up with images that might help others. There are a number of these Ullmans around and they are great beginning looms. Sturdy and well built.