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One Solution to Weft Showing in Tapestry Weave

TAPESTRY: A plague of "lice" (bits of warp that show) infected my first attempt at tapestry weaving. And, as shown in the first image, there are none showing at the bottom BUT this was my first warp of my first tapestry loom and the warp ended up being twice the spacing it should have been. So, the first weaveing, the bottom, was done before I realized my error (up to and including the tan/orange lines).

tapestry weaving showing lice

As soon as I realized the problem, I fixed it and began to weave again with the same yarns. The warp spacing was now about 3/16 of an inch and the lice immediately began appearing. No matter how hard I beat, they kept on coming.

I chewed on this for two days and read every thing I could find on warp and sett and weft. Nothing clicked. Finally, I grabbed the best tapestry book I had and immediately found a CLEAR statement of what should be:

The heavier the weft, the wider you should space the warp; 
the finer the weft, the closer you should space the warp.

--Nancy Harvey: Tapestry Weaving A Comprehensive Study Guide.

In my attempts to bury the warp I had been using thicker weft after the spacing got closer. THE EXACT OPPOSITE of what I should have been doing.

The successful attempt is on a different loom, but I had also started that with lice. Then I read the above quote, ripped out the little I'd done and finally -- NO LICE.